Wancom Pvt. Ltd x Maxicon Solutions

Wancom Pvt. Ltd x Maxicon Solutions

Maxicon Solutions developed a comprehensive Inventory Management System and Ticketing System for Wancom Pvt. Ltd. The Inventory Management System, built on Laravel, provided Wancom with robust functionality for managing inventory, sales orders, delivery orders, invoices, purchase orders, gate passes, reports, and dispatch operations. Additionally, the Ticketing System enabled users to create support tickets, facilitating seamless communication and issue resolution within Wancom’s support department.

Project Information

  • Client Name Wancom Pvt. Ltd.
  • Start Date Jan 5, 2020
  • Location Karachi, Pakistan


The complexity of Operations: Wancom Pvt. Ltd. required a sophisticated Inventory Management System capable of handling various aspects of inventory management and order processing, presenting a challenge in designing and implementing a comprehensive solution.

Integration Requirements: Integrating multiple functionalities such as inventory management, sales orders, delivery orders, and invoicing within a unified system while ensuring seamless operation and data integrity posed a significant challenge.

User Experience: Designing an intuitive and user-friendly interface for both the Inventory Management System and Ticketing System was essential to ensure user adoption and efficiency in daily operations.

Communication and Escalation: Developing a Ticketing System that streamlined communication and allowed for proper escalation of support tickets within Wancom’s support department required careful planning and implementation.


Custom Laravel Development: Maxicon Solutions leveraged the Laravel framework to develop a custom Inventory Management System tailored to Wancom’s specific requirements. The use of Laravel provided flexibility, scalability, and security for the system.

Feature-rich Functionality: Maxicon Solutions incorporated comprehensive functionality into the Inventory Management System, including inventory tracking, sales and delivery order management, invoicing, purchase orders, gate passes, and reporting capabilities.

User-friendly Interface: Maxicon Solutions designed an intuitive and user-friendly interface for both the Inventory Management System and Ticketing System, ensuring ease of use and accessibility for Wancom’s employees across departments.

Ticketing System Integration: The Ticketing System developed by Maxicon Solutions seamlessly integrated with Wancom’s existing infrastructure, allowing users to create, track, and escalate support tickets efficiently. The system also facilitated internal communication and collaboration within the support department.


Efficient Operations: The Inventory Management System developed by Maxicon Solutions streamlined Wancom’s inventory and order management processes, enabling efficient tracking, processing, and reporting of inventory-related activities.

Improved Communication: The Ticketing System implemented by Maxicon Solutions enhanced communication and collaboration within Wancom’s support department, allowing for the creation, tracking, and escalation of support tickets with ease.

Enhanced Productivity: The user-friendly interfaces of both systems contributed to increased productivity and efficiency among Wancom’s employees, reducing the time required to perform various tasks and minimizing errors.

Scalability and Flexibility: The custom development approach adopted by Maxicon Solutions ensured that the Inventory Management System and Ticketing System could scale and adapt to Wancom’s evolving business needs and requirements.

Customer Satisfaction: Wancom Pvt. Ltd. expressed satisfaction with the Inventory Management System and Ticketing System developed by Maxicon Solutions, highlighting the systems’ reliability, functionality, and impact on operational efficiency.

In summary, Maxicon Solutions’ development of the Inventory Management System and Ticketing System for Wancom Pvt. Ltd. exemplifies a commitment to delivering tailored solutions that address complex business challenges while enhancing productivity, communication, and customer satisfaction. The systems provide Wancom with the tools and capabilities needed to streamline operations, manage inventory effectively, and deliver exceptional support services to their clients.